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Jul 23 '12


  • Character: Abigail Remeltindtdrinc 
  • Fandom: Metalocalypse 
  • Reason for Being Hated: Gets in the way of popular M/M ships, seems to be thrown in as a token minority chick character or character kill-off fodder, supposedly broke up Dethklok (Note from submitter: This was actually caused by Nathan blowing their interactions together completely out of proportion and setting Pickles’s jealousy ablaze, she was actually pretty mortified over the whole thing and wasn’t that into either of them).

From another submitter: Replaced more entertaining character Knubbler, seemed to shift show’s plot to more romantic drama, got in the way of “FrienderBender” ship, accidentally broke up the band when Nathan declaring his feelings for her in Dethdinner made Pickles jealous, considered a plot device, “useless”, or “token female”, the fact that she isn’t dead yet means she’s still important to the plot, the fact that Pickles still has feelings for her.

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    I hadn’t looked at Metalocalypse since… whenever it was the Death Note dub was aired on A Dolt’s Whim. I’ve been...
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    I was actually surprised that they made the WoC intelligent and stable. So glad they’ve kept her on the show. I’ve only...
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    Holy shit I need to catch up on this show.
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    Clearly I’m way behind on this show.
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    I FUCKING LOVE ABIGAIL. Deathklok broke up because the band members are stupid as shit not because of Abigail the entire...
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    ^This. I’ve been waiting for a female character that wasn’t the bitchy girlfriend troupe.
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    fuck me sideways looks like I need to get caught up get it girl
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    How can you hate the woman who shoved Nathan’s head down for some muff diving, like a G?
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    I want to see what kind of magic she and Ofdensen came make with each other.
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